Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Blunt: "We Could Easily Gain 16 Seats"

How convincing is Congressman Roy Blunt when he tells The Wall Street Journal that the Republicans "could easily gain 16" seats to win back the House this November?

Blunt tells the WSJ he's optimistic about his party's chances and said the presidential contest could easily break towards the Republicans with John McCain at the top of the ticket.

“There’s every reason to believe it could break to our advantage,” Blunt told The Wall Street Journal today.

Blunt predicted that McCain would carry the right-leaning congressional districts Democrats nabbed in 2006, boosting Republican candidates in those races. And Republicans running in districts that Democrat John Kerry won in 2004 “all got re-elected in 2006,” Blunt said. “They’ve been to one really bad dance and figured out how to get home.”

"I think we’ll gain seats. We could easily gain 16 depending on how the dynamic of the election works,” he said.

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