Monday, March 31, 2008

10 Quick Questions . . . With Jeff Harris

An occasional series with Missouri pols
The following survey has been sent to the top candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. It's meant to be a fun, outside-the-box look at our candidates. Rep. Harris was the first candidate to respond. I'll publish answers from candidates who agree to participate as I receive them.
1. What’s on your Ipod?
Harris: I do not have an iPod, but John Lee Hooker is in my CD player right now.
2. What book are you currently reading?
Harris: I am reading the autobiography of federal Judge Scott Wright, Never in Doubt: Memoirs of an Uncommon Judge.
3. Your husband/wife/partner gets most annoyed at you when . . . . (fill in the blank)
Harris: My wife gets most annoyed when I forget to put a trash bag in the trash can.
4. What’s the speech you’ve given that you are most proud of?
Harris: I am most proud of my speech against the Medicaid cuts at the end of debate on the bill in 2005.
5. Name a political figure that you idolize or highly respect.
Harris: Harry Truman. He was true to his convictions, and he stood up for the average American.
6. You’ve got a free weekend to do whatever you want in Missouri. Where do you go and what do you do?
Harris: I would go floating with my family (when Grace is old enough) on the Current, Jack's Fork, Eleven Point, Niangua, Meramec, or any of our other great streams for floating.
7. Who's a friend in the political sphere you go to for advice and why?
Harris: Roger Wilson is the friend in the political sphere that I go to for advice. He has common sense and a wealth of experience.
8. What’s the worst thing about living in Missouri?
Harris: I wish the winters were shorter.
9. What’s a political issue you’d like to learn more about?
Harris: I would like to learn more about health care in developing countries.
10. What political blogs or news websites do you click on first in the morning?
Harris: The political blog I click on first is

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