Thursday, February 21, 2008

McCaskill Again Goes To Bat For Obama

What has Senator Barack Obama accomplished as a lawmaker? The question stunned and embarrassed a Texas State Senator last night during MSNBC's election coverage. But Wednesday night on Hardball, top Obama surrogate Senator Claire McCaskill was ready to play.

"Whether it was working with Senator Lugar in terms of securing loose nukes, loose nuclear weapons around the world, whether it was his efforts with Senator Coburn to open up the records of spending of government to the people on the internet. Obviously, one that I cared much about, he was the first Senator to effectively go after the wounded warriors disgrace at Walter Reed Hospital and got a great deal of his initial legislation, the first Senator to file that legislation, got most of that passed into law within a matter of months," McCaskill said in response to Chris Matthews' question.

McCaskill even took aim at Senator John McCain's record on earmark reform compared to Obama's. "Even though Senator McCain has a good record in terms of looking down his nose at earmarks, he was not able to accomplish the kind of reform on transparency that Senator Obama was able to accomplish in a very short period of time after he arrived in the Senate," McCaskill said.

On the role of gender in this election, McCaskill said no one should be criticized for abandoning their race or gender if they support the candidate that doesn't necessarily match up with their own demographic. Still, she said, as a woman, "I have significant guilt."

"I've got a lot of my supporters and friends that are disappointed in me, that feel like that I owe almost a blind loyalty to Senator Clinton," McCaskill added.

So when do we get to see her take on Colonel Jack in a Missouri surrogate duel?

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