Saturday, February 09, 2008

Lincoln Day Liners

"Claire McCaskill has sure come a long way . . . Who would've thought she'd ever back the candidiate of youth and inexperience."

---Gov. Matt Blunt, on McCaskill's endorsement of Barack Obama during Friday night's dinner speech.

"I'm a lame duck."

---U.S. Rep. Kenny Hulshof, candidate for Governor, on his status as the 9th District's U.S. Congressman, during Saturday morning's town hall meeting.

"I'll be talking about my campaign for the next six months, I guess."

---State Treasurer Sarah Steelman, candidate for Governor, addressing the party faithful at Saturday morning's town hall meeting.

"We need workers. We've got a lot of lazy Missourians . . ."

---House Speaker Rod Jetton, addressing the problem of illegal immigration at Saturday morning's town hall meeting.

"We passed a stimulus package that I hope won't do much harm."

---U.S. Senator Kit Bond on Saturday morning, commenting on the recent tax rebate package passed by Congress.

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