Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Eckersley Doesn't Believe Blunt's Reasons

A former attorney for Governor Matt Blunt who is now suing his former boss for violations involving Missouri's open records law believes Blunt's decision not to run for re-election is tied to an investigation being conducted by the Attorney General's office.
Scott Eckersley tells the KY3 Political Notebook he does not believe any of the reasons Blunt gave for giving up a shot at a second term.
"I think it has everything to do with Nixon's investigative team, and the results that will be coming out," Eckersley said, after calling me to talk about his legal dispute with Blunt.
Attorney General Jay Nixon has appointed an investigative team, independent of his office, to look into allegations of violations of the open-records law. That report is expected sometime in early March.
"It's going to connect the dots for a a lot of people. I think it's going to have to do with the destruction of documents and other people involved," Eckersley said.
Eckersley also said he's offended that the two candidates running to replace Blunt on the Republican side are using political consultants who he said wrote defamatory things about his character. "I'm disappointed that Kenny Hulshof and Sarah Steelman are using the likes of John Hancock and Jeff Roe, who are guys who did hatchet jobs by writing hurtful stuff on their blogs," Eckersley said.
"I wouldn't be able to support a candidate for Governor who employs these types of people. They are political mercenaries. It's offensive and disguisting stuff they put out there about me. And if folks are incensed by the way Blunt's office acted, these are the guys that were involved in slinging the mud. I think these guys got off way easy," Eckersley said of Hancock and Roe.
For more background on the Scott Eckersley story, you can click HERE.


missouriright said...

That Scott Eckersley contacted you to discuss an ongoing lawsuit emphasizes the fact that he is simply trying to keep his name in the headlines. I mean come on, we haven't heard anything from email-gate in at least two or three weeks, so let's resurrect it.

Further, he is reaching to connect the two Republican candidates running for governor with the current administration. One has been at odds with the current governor since the innauguration and rumored to run against him in the primary, the other has been representing his district in Congress and has had absolutely nothing to do with Jeff City Politics since his time as a special prosecutor in the Attorney General's office. So he thinks a couple of political consultants did him wrong and they're working for campaigns now...there are only a handfull of consultants on BOTH sides of the aisle capable of statewide runs and candidates use them. Get over it. Eckersley, do yourself a favor and move on with your life instead of playing the victim.

advocate said...

I can't wait to see what comes next.

Either Blunt is a noble being, feeling his work here is done...or he's doing the party a favor having overplayed his hand.

I'm betting it's the latter.