Friday, February 08, 2008

The Dem Delegate Breakdown

The Missouri Democratic Party today preliminarily awarded both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton 36 delegates a piece following Tuesday's presidential primary.
With a 10,479-vote victory statewide, Senator Obama won Missouri’s statewide delegates by a 13-12 margin, while Senator Clinton won Missouri’s congressional district delegates by a 24-23 margin.
In Missouri's 7th Congressional district, Clinton won 60% of the vote to Obama's 40%. -- giving them each 2 delegates. By raw votes, Clinton beat Obama in the 7th, 41,853 to 27,473. Obama was strongest in the 1st Congressional district, winning more than 91,000 or 73% of the vote. Clinton was strongest in the 8th Congressional district, taking 46,847 or 70% of the vote.

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