Thursday, February 07, 2008

Blunt Reacts To Romney Decision

Governor Matt Blunt offered this statement in response to Gov. Mitt Romney's decision to leave the presidential race:

"Obviously I am disappointed because I believe Governor Mitt Romney was the best candidate to bring conservative change to Washington. Governor Romney is a great leader and a tremendous competitor. I am proud to have supported his campaign."

"I have tremendous respect for Senator McCain. He is a revered hero at our shared alma mater, and, in fact, he was the commencement speaker when I graduated the Naval Academy. He is held up as a model of heroic leadership in the face of tremendous adversity. I also admire Governor Huckabee. He is an honorable man and a great neighbor to the south. He has obviously captured the aspirations of many, and we share a large number of supporters."

"Melanie and I have enjoyed campaigning with Governor Romney and his wonderful wife Ann. They are both great friends and patriots and we wish them the very best for the future," Gov. Blunt said.

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