Wednesday, February 06, 2008

10 Things We Learned From Super Tuesday

1) After a botched projection, Barack Obama has apparently defeated Hillary Clinton in Missouri, 49%-48%.

2) John McCain has defeated Mike Huckabee in Missouri, 33%-32%.

3) Both results could trigger a recount request, because the margin is less than 1 percent.

4) A recount is probably unlikely because Obama and Clinton will split the state's delegates.

5) John McCain will be the likely 2008 Republican nominee for president.

6) Clinton won traditionally big, strong Democratic states. Obama won smaller states that vote more Republican in general elections. This nomination fight will go on.

7) The delegate picture on the Democratic side remains muddled and unclear, but it looks and feels close.

8) Obama is strongest in the caucus format and those contests are next, with caucus contests in Nebraska and Washington on Saturday.

9) With wins in several southern states, Mike Huckabee made a strong case for himself as McCain's vice-presidential candidate.

10) No race in Missouri should ever be called without all of St. Louis City and County counted.

***So what else did we learn? Or not learn? Suggestions . . . How is February 6th different than February 5th?


stearnsybears said...

I have learned that this year the races are playing out from the bottom up and not from the top down. The Democratic establishment is not in charge, conservative talk radio is not in charge, and with the ability to raise money from regular people through the internet, to a lesser extent even big money is not in charge. I think that shows that change is already happening. A year ago, no one predicted this. You can't force change but you can't stop it either.

Matthew said...

We learned that it was actually a vote for Romney that was a vote for McCain. Of all the states McCain won, Romney wasn't close in a single one. However, additional support from Mr. Romney's supporters could have propelled Huckabee to the lead in Missouri and Oklahoma.
It turns out that all the calls for casting the "practical" for Romney may have awarded extra delegates to McCain. If McCain win the nomination by with just over 50% on the first ballot, this will be why.

jim said...

Hello All,

Just a friendly reminder today the State of Missouri is Ronald Reagan day. Please make sure you call and let Chris Koster know that without his work in the Missouri Legislature, fellow Democrats alike would not be able to celebrate such a glorious day. We welcome you to enjoy the following video in tribute to such a great and lovely day for all Missouri Democrats:

Just remember to let the good ole' party boss know what you think about this as well! Oh, and Pass it on!

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