Tuesday, January 08, 2008

N.H. Turnout: "Absolutely Huge"

New Hampshire voters are trekking to the polls in balmy temperatures and record numbers today, and political analysts see the large turnout benefiting Barack Obama, and possibly Mitt Romney.
Romney seems to be getting large crowds in the final push, and pundits see independents and new voters largely breaking for Obama. That would hurt John McCain, who is counting on splitting Republicans and carrying the independent vote.
Romney aides are already whispering that their candidate needs to finish first (or a close second) tonight in order to have a good shot at winning Michigan. It's amazing how the expectations have changed.
A few weeks ago, Iowa was a must-win for Romney. Then, the political class retracted, saying he had another shot in his backyard of New Hampshire. Now suddenly, New Hampshire isn't even a must-win. He can go on to Michigan? Pretty sad when Romney's people are touting his Saturday G.O.P. caucus win in Wyoming.
Still, even if Romney loses tonight, watch for aides to tout his share of the Republican vote -- which he is expected to win.
It's becoming clear that no matter how many of these primaries any of the major candidates lose -- none on either side are going to leave the race quickly . . . or quietly.
Obama by 10
McCain by 2, Huck in 3rd
What's your spread?

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