Thursday, January 31, 2008

Missouri Edwards Backers Move To Obama

4 State Lawmakers Switch to Obama
Four Missouri State lawmaker who previously backed John Edwards for president, switched their allegiance to Barack Obama Thursday.

State Senator Ryan McKenna of Jefferson County, State Senator Wes Shoemyer, State Senator Tim Green of north St. Louis County and Rep. Tony George all endorsed Obama for president in a conference call.

"The reason I wanted to endorse Barack Obama is how he makes people feel, and the looks on people's faces and the way he's trying to bring this country together," said Sen. McKenna. "I don't think I've seen a reaction to a politican like that since Bobby Kennedy."

Sen. Shoemyer said he supported Edwards because "he came from next to nothing." He said he represents a district that where the average median income is $16,000 or less. "What many folks including myself are looking for, is not more of the status quo. Sen. Obama has defined his change very close to the way Edwards defined change," Shoemyer said.

He added that "ending poverty and finding ways for hope and opporunity" are what people are looking for in his area.

Sen. Green said Obama's message and personality made the move easy. "I see Senator Obama as being able to reach people who have either become cynical or apathetic over the process," he said.

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still joad said...

Saw on the 6pm boradcast Bill Clinton is coming Saturday. WOuld love to take my son, will you be posting details here?

Thanks Baby face ;)