Tuesday, January 15, 2008


BLUNT CALLS ROMNEY "The Clear Frontrunner"
DETROIT (AP) - Mitt Romney has scored his first major primary victory in his native Michigan. Romney's win over John McCain is one Romney desperately needed to give his weakened candidacy new life and to set the stage for a three-man Republican showdown in South Carolina.

"I congratulate Governor Romney on his tremendous victory tonight in Michigan," Blunt said in a statement. "Governor Romney has won in Michigan, he won in Wyoming, and he came in second in Iowa and New Hampshire which I believe makes him the clear frontrunner," he added.

"This is a victory for those of us who are tired of the mess in Washington and who recognize that Governor Romney has the vision and values to deliver real, conservative change to make Washington work again," Blunt said.


Matt said...

I'm not sure Romney gets much 'mo from tonight's win other than the fact that it forestalls the visit from the political grim reaper.

I don't think it makes him a major contender in South Carolina. McCain, Huckabee, and Thompson will battle in the Palmetto state and McCain has a great shot at scoring a win there.

ByRon said...

When Romney overwhelmingly won the Nevada Causus, Lisa Rose said something to the effect that Nevada had a majority of Mormon Voters. Mormon Voters in Nevada make up only 9% of the electorate and with Dems like Harry Reid, who is Mormon himself, in power there it seems highly UNLIKELY that religion played much of a part of the vote that day. Nothing against you, Dave, but please have the political team at KY3 try and be more accurate and unbiased in their reporting; and I do believe a correction is in order about the religious affiliation of voters in Nevada as it relates to the Caucus results there. Thank you.