Monday, January 28, 2008

Looks Like Hulshof Is In

. . . So reports Steve Kraske of the Kansas City Star.

Looks like the announcement will come tomorrow.

From his scoop:

Top Missouri Republican officials said this evening that Congressman Kenny Hulshof will run for governor this year and has begun calling donors to tell them that.

"He's going to make a major announcement about the future of Missouri tomorrow," said John Hancock, a Missouri GOP consultant working with the campaign.

Hancock declined to say what the congressman's plans are, but other Republicans said he's in the race.

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Matt said...

Now begins the free-for-all! It will be many things, but it's sure to be fun and memorable!

The last time I remember a serious 3-way GOP primary for governor was 1992: AG Bill Webster, SOS Roy Blunt, and Treasurer Wendell Bailey went at it.