Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Enter G.O.P. Frontrunner (?)

U.S. Congressman Kenny Hulshof announced he will run for Governor Tuesday morning, immediately becoming the favorite candidate of many in Missouri's Republican establishment.

"We need a state government that knows its place, does its job well, and then gets out of the way of the American spirit. Missourians reject blind partisanship, and they are demanding new ideas and innovative leadership. It will take independence and resolve to end the bitterness that often infects political discourse," Hulshof said in a statement.

"I intend to do just that as the next Governor of the State of Missouri," he said.

"Public service is a high calling and those elected to represent the people of Missouri should never lose sight of that fact. Public officials should be held to a higher standard and I have conducted my career with that belief as my guide. I have never hesitated to stand against corruption, even if it meant political peril. I believe that is part of the serious responsibility that comes with being an elected official and the people of Missouri deserve no less," Hulshof said in his announcement statement.

He also touted his accomplishments as Missouri's 9th District Congressman, "from getting our fair share of federal highway dollars to being an advocate of the poor and disabled, I have always sought tangible solutions, because that is what people expect from their government."

Hulshof's announcement sets up a three-way Republican primary race between Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder and State Treasurer Sarah Steelman.

Hulshof will hold a conference call with reporters today at 1 p.m.

Developing . . .

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