Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Prosecutor Moore Favors Giuliani-Huckabee Ticket

Republican Greene County Prosecutor Darrell Moore tells the KY3 Political Notebook he'd like to see Rudy Giuliani and Mike Huckabee as the Republican presidential ticket in 2008.

"He's organized and he gets things done," Moore said in an interview in his office Tuesday. "I think he could create a more bipartisan atmosphere."

Moore said he believes Fred Thompson "just hasn't caught fire," and that even the surging Mike Huckabee "might not be able to go the distance."

Moore said Giuliani would be able to win over most Republicans around the Ozarks, due to his strengths on Iraq and national security issues.

"If you want to isolate to two issues, maybe you don't vote for him. If you want someone who is going to protect the country, he's your guy," Moore said. "I just don't think people will be voting on abortion, gay marriage. I think they'll be looking at the long term security of the country."

"Maybe he's not right on gun control, I don't agree with him on abortion, but that's not enough for me to not consider him," Moore said.

On the general election, Moore said Giuliani would fare better against Hillary Clinton than Barack Obama. "I think if it comes down to Hillary-Giuliani, I know who people are going to vote for. Obama is a more dangerous wildcard," Moore said.

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