Thursday, December 06, 2007

A.G. Candidate Donnelly Introduces Toy Legislation

Rep. Margaret Donnelly, a Democratic candidate for Attorney General is introducing state legislation that would provide mandatory recalls and penalize stores that continue to sell recalled toys.

“If the product has been recalled or put on a list, in this state you will no longer be able to sell that product,” said Donnelly, D-St. Louis, in a telephone interview with KY3 News.

If a store is caught selling a recalled toy, it would face a $500 fine per instance per day. It would also give the attorney general's office the ability to do its own testing of children's products.

Donnelly said she decided to draft the legislation because federal lawmakers have yet to do so.

“I believe the federal government is failing us and not stopping unsafe products at the border,” said Donnelly, who plans to run for attorney general next year. “Because they will not act, it's up to the state to do the job.”

Check out Ky3's Cara Restelli's report HERE.

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