Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rasmussen Poll: Blunt 49%, Carnahan 43%

The latest Rasmussen poll has Rep. Roy Blunt leading secretary of state Robin Carnahan in the race for the U.S. Senate.

The poll of likely voters has Blunt at 49%, Carnahan at 43%, with 3% supporting someone else and 5% undecided.  Rasmussen reports anger over healthcare reform legislation is hurting the Democrat Carnahan.

Fresh off his state of the state address, Gov. Jay Nixon has a 61% approval rating.


boyd said...

Both of these two have ate at the public trough to long. It's sad that all we have to choose from is one of two families with a sense of entitlement.

Ginny said...

Boyd, there are other choices, but for some reason the majority of voters have a problem getting out of the habit of voting either republican or democrat.

If you want the situation to change, you must first change that habit. Choosing the lessor of two evils will change nothing!

Find out who the other candidates are, research where they stand on the issues, and become an informed voter.