Monday, December 07, 2009

McCaskill Can't Accept Abortion Amendment

Sen. Claire McCaskill voted for a Republican amendment that would've limited entitlement programs Sunday but ripped GOP efforts to block a healthcare overhaul Monday while drawing a line in the sand against a fellow Democrat's anti-abortion amendment.
On What President Obama Said to the Democratic Caucus Sunday: "He did a great job reminding us why we all run for elections. We run for office to try to make a difference, not to be the most beloved person on the planet. I think here in Washington we get those confused sometimes."
On Why She Opposes Sen. Nelson's anti-abortion amendment: "You can't use private money in the private market and, frankly, I think that goes too far."
On Republican Opposition: "I wish the Republicans would quit being the party of 'No' and come together with us. There's a lot in this bill that they wrote. They don't acknowledge that now, but there [are] a lot of Republican amendments that were put in this bill in committee. Let's start working together. That's what the American people want us to do."
The Missouri Republican Party argued that Sen. Ben Nelson's anti-abortion amendment mirrors the Stupak amendment that passed with Democratic support in the House.
"Most Missourians agree that their tax dollars should not be used to fund abortions, and the pro-life amendment being proposed in the Senate will clarify in this legislation common-sense policies that have been in place for years. McCaskill’s dishonest claims are nothing more than a cover-up for a federally-funded abortion-on-demand proposal," said GOP executive director Lloyd Smith.

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