Wednesday, November 04, 2009

McCaskill Misses Unemployment Vote, But Supports Extension

Sen. Claire McCaskill was one of just two Senators not present to vote on extending unemployment benefits.
But her office said she still supported the measure and would've voted for it if she could've made the vote.
The Senate voted almost unanimously to extend unemployment benefits for at least 14 weeks and expand a tax credit for homebuyers. The final vote was 98 to 0 with Democratic Sens. Robert Byrd of West Virginia and McCaskill not voting.
McCaskill communications director Adrianne Marsh said the junior Senator, like Republican Sen. Kit Bond, was not enthusiastic about extending the homebuyer tax credit program, which was included in the legislation.
"She doesn't believe we can afford it. It didn't ultimately go to strictly first time home buyers," said Marsh, reached late Wednesday.
Marsh pointed out that McCaskill was happy to see the homebuyer tax credit program extended for military families because some could not take advantage of the program while deployed overseas.

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