Thursday, November 05, 2009

Blunt: H1N1 Vaccines Should Go To Moms & Kids First

Congressman Roy Blunt seized on media reports that Goldman Sachs received H1N1 vaccines before some hospitals and blamed the Obama administration for its failure to "manage distribution of this vaccine."

"While many Missourians are still at risk, Wall Street bankers are at the head of the line for H1N1 vaccine," Blunt said. “The federal government continues to demonstrate that it cannot manage distribution of this vaccine. This Administration is sending some Wall Street companies as many vaccines as hospitals are receiving, and Missouri families are not getting their fair share," he added.

"The Obama Administration should send Wall Street’s doses to Missouri, where expectant mothers, children and others vulnerable to the H1N1 virus are not guaranteed access to the vaccine. Moms and kids first," Blunt continued.
ALSO: The conservative, free-market group, American Future Fund, is running a TV ad linking problems with the H1N1 vaccine to plans for government run health insurance.
"President Obama called this pandemic a ‘national emergency,’ but the federal government continues to fail at one of its most basic responsibilities," Blunt said.
"Congressman Blunt is using a public safety issue to run from his 12 year Washington insider record of supporting corporate special interests on Wall Street," said Brian Zuzenak, Executive Director of the Missouri Democratic Party.
"Just this year, Blunt voted for a $1 million earmark for potato research in Idaho, Oregon and Washington that could have paid for 50,000 flu vaccines – enough to inoculate the entire city of Joplin, MO," added Zuzenak.

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