Monday, October 05, 2009

Stouffer Captains: Hartzler Broke 11th Commandment

Four county captains for Sen. Bill Stouffer's Congressional campaign are accusing Vicky Hartzler of breaking Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment last week in her criticism of Stouffer on a tax issue.
"Mrs. Hartzler . . . stated her position on taxes, which is not the Skelton position and not the Stouffer position."
"Rather than focusing on Ike Skelton's vote for cap and trade or his voting in support of Speaker Pelosi's liberal agenda a staggering 95% of the time, Vicky Hartzler chose to attack Bill Stouffer. She simply echoed the same lines of attack used by national Democrats last week following Bill's campaign kick-off." wrote Jackson County captain Aaron McMullen in a statement sent to The Notebook.

Ray County captain Ed Wolfe, Cass County captain Clay Kohler and Laclede County captain Lester Evans also offered similar sentiments in the statement.
Last week: Hartzler picked up a Democratic attack on Stouffer that pointed out his support in the State Senate for a new sales tax to pay for Interstate improvements. "When Bill Stouffer was elected to the State Senate, he proposed a bill to raise the state sales tax by 1 percent for 10 years. I think raising taxes is the wrong way to solve problems," Hartzler said in a statement.
"We're very disappointed by Vicky Hartzler's decision to unfairly attack a fellow Republican and hope in the future she focuses on the flawed voting record of Ike Skelton, rather than launching cheap political attacks on her GOP primary opponents," reads the statement sent by the Stouffer captains.
"Taking a stand for principle is what good campaigns are all about. Vicky Hartzler is the only leading candidate in either party who knows that we pay too many taxes right now. She always addresses other candidates respectfully, and will continue to do so. When Bill Stouffer filed, Congressman Skelton attacked him through the Missouri Democratic Party. Stouffer then pointed to Skelton's very liberal votes with Nancy Pelosi. Mrs. Hartzler then stated her position on taxes, which is not the Skelton position and not the Stouffer position. Now we know Vicky Hartzler is the only candidate who is sound on taxes. Cut taxes, don't raise them. She will continue to take principled positions as the campaign continues so the people of the 4th District know that she is one of them and will fight for them on all issues—including tax relief," said Hartzler spokeswoman Samantha Hill.
"There is simply no reason to be beating up on another Republican right now," said Wolfe in the Stouffer statement. "At this point in time we should be doing everything in our power to show the voters of Missouri's 4th District how liberal Ike Skelton has become -- not try and denigrate a fellow conservative," said Kohler.

The Stouffer statement also includes Article Two of the Missouri Republican Party Executive Committee's bylaws . . . "Foster loyalty to the Republican Party and to promote its principles and candidates in all elections."
Stouffer and Hartzler are competing for the Republican nomination to take on 4th District Democratic Congressman Ike Skelton next year.

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