Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Long Proclaims Himself Cash King

Congressional candidate Billy Long told The Hill Tuesday that he'll emerge the fundraising leader in the 7th District U.S. House race when 3rd Quarter campaign finance reports are made public next week.
Long’s campaign said it will report just more than $400,000 cash on hand, which he predicted would help him expand his cash-on-hand advantage to around $200,000.
Reports Aaron Blake: "His campaign declined to release its fundraising receipts for the third quarter, but it should be similar to what it was in the second quarter, when he was just north of $100,000."
1. GARY NODLER -- $200-$225 K or more
2. JACK GOODMAN -- $115K-$130 K
3. BILLY LONG -- $90K-$100K
Third quarter campaign finance reports will be revealed Thursday, Oct. 15th

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