Sunday, September 06, 2009

Week 34: Nixon's Grade


The significant drop in Gov. Jay Nixon's job approval rating this month can be attributed to a series of tough stories on E.Coli-gate and cuts to the popular tourism division, according to political observers on both sides of the aisle. Some Democrats quietly whisper that Nixon may need a staff shake-up before year's end to avoid a track similar to former Govs. Matt Blunt and Bob Holden, who both ran into early political trouble. Despite those who poo-poo the SurveyUSA poll, a 10 point loss should at least serve as some type of warning signal to the Nixon administration. If nothing else, it's a reminder that at a time when trust of government is running dangerously low, transparency is paramount for any politician who wants support for his or her agenda. The bright side for Nixon is that his low point comes in the summer, when most voters concerns are elsewhere. But looking at the gloomy revenue picture, Nixon will need to restore his political capital in order to manage a budget that will likely require more tough cuts next year.

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gumshoe said...


I think the poll is highly inaccurate. The breakdown shows a favorability with all age groups except 18-34 year olds...

Do 18-34 year old REALLY make up 31percent of the voting block in our state? What percentage of voters in the last three elections were aged 18-34?