Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rahm Asked Roy To Get Wilson to Apologize

The Washington Post reports that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel asked Congressman Roy Blunt to tell Rep. Joe Wilson to apologize for his outburst during President Obama's address to Congress.

"An incensed White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel went up to GOP Reps. Roy Blunt (Mo.) and Paul Ryan (Wis.) to complain about the outburst. "No president has ever had that happen," Emanuel said. "My advice is he apologize immediately. You know my number." reports The Post.
Blunt's Deputy Chief of Staff Burson Snyder didn't discount the account.

"While I can't comment on conversations Congressman Blunt has on the House floor, Congressman Blunt believes that Congressman Wilson's actions were inappropriate and that he was right to apologize, as he did last night," Snyder told The Notebook.
AND: The New York Times snaps a shot of Blunt with Wilson outside the House chamber Thursday morning.
"It is appalling that Congressman Blunt did not immediately condemn his friend’s actions and utter disrespect for the President of the United States," said Missouri Democratic Party Executive Director Brian Zuzenak.


Gail in Mo said...

Mr. Wilson went to Washington to represent the people (us), I was yelling more than that at my TV. Mr. Wilson said that, just after Pres. Obama said, "we will track you down". Who is more wrong?

shane said...

NO PRESIDENT? about 7 years of State of Unions with hisses, boos and cat calls for President Bush.

It was a breach of decorum on the lines of Rod Jetton's "release the money governor" but at the same time maybe we are too nice. Maybe we are too conciliatory to sit around and let president lie to the American people.