Monday, September 07, 2009

Plain Black T's


The Missouri College Republicans are urging college students across the state to wear black on this week to protest President Obama's healthcare plan.

The demonstration, beginning Tuesday, is part of a reoccurring "Truth Tuesday" events college GOPers plan to hold to show a contrast with Democrats.

Wearing black, according to Missouri College Republican chairman Jonathan Ratliff, will represent how President Obama's plan "will be the death of private control of the health insurance industry."

"The best way to get out you message is through grassroots efforts," Ratliff said in a statement.

On campuses, college Republicans are expected to distribute literature and tie black ribbons or string around wrists of students opposed to the Democratic plans.

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Seth said...

"Additionally, for those Americans who purchase coverage
through the Health Insurance Exchange, two-thirds (or 20 million people) will choose
private plans. This means a significant increase in the number of American's insured by
private insurance plans." American Medical Association,