Saturday, September 19, 2009

In The Ayres

Nita Jane Ayres was selected as the Republican nominee for the 62nd State House district at a meeting in Kimberling City Saturday.

Ayres received a majority of the 19 votes available on the 62nd District legislative committee, which represents most of Stone and a slice of Taney County. The vote was necessary to fill the vacancy left by Rep. Dennis Wood, who was appointed Stone County Commissioner.

Ayres, who is vice-chair of the 62nd District committee, defeated six other candidates on the first ballot. She was the only female competing for the committee's support. Her nomination almost surely means she'll be the next State House representative for the 62nd District. While a special election is set for February 2nd, a Democrat has never held a State House seat in Stone County, according to the committee Chair Layne Morrill.

Ayres won after an hour and a half of statements and answers to questions by the candidates. Morrill would not disclose how many votes she received, only repeating that "it was a majority."


62nd District Chairman Layne Morrill announces Ayres as the winner. And later, Ayres and former State Rep. Dennis Wood embrace. Wood whispers something to Ayres.

CAPTION CONTEST? "C'mon . . . Say yes . . .," Wood says.
Ayres was the committee's choice to be Stone County Commissioner, but Gov. Jay Nixon ignored the recommendation and chose Wood over Ayres.

Ayres says she doesn't view getting passed over for the Commission appointment as a setback and notes "it opened up another opportunity."
Also, she sounds off on how she'll manage being a member at the bottom of the seniority poll.

"I think that what sets me apart doesn't have anything to do with the fact that I'm female."
Ayres explains what helped her stand out before the committee and said that a potential GOP primary in August 2010 will keep her sharp.

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