Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bill Kristol: Obama Should Look To Ike On Afghan War

The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol writes that President Obama should look to Congressman Ike Skelton for advice on how to proceed in Afghanistan.

The suggestion, of course, comes because Skelton's position lines up with the neo-conservative commentator's.

"Of course this wing of the Democratic party--the dominant McGovern-Carter wing--has been wrong about just about everything in foreign policy over the last three decades. So maybe President Obama should look for guidance to another kind of Democrat. House Armed Services chairman Ike Skelton would be a good choice," Kristol writes. "He is a 77-year-old Missourian in the Harry Truman tradition (indeed, his father was a good friend of Truman's). Last week, on the eve of the anniversary of 9/11, Skelton put out a statement titled "Americans Must Not Forget Why We Are In Afghanistan," he continues.

"Skelton reminded the president that "Now is not the time to lose our resolve. We must give our forces the time and resources they need to show progress in the fight against the enemies responsible for the attacks of 9/11," Kristol goes on.

He slso states, "The president must understand that this war is eminently winnable."

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