Thursday, September 24, 2009

Biden Told Nixon: "If It Fails, I'm Dead"

Vice President Joe Biden reportedly told Governor Jay Nixon on a conference call Thursday that if the economic stimulus package fails, "I'm dead."
POLITICO picked up the pool report that details the back and forth between Biden and the Governors: "Nixon closed by telling VPOTUS 'I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your…interest.' "'Pure self interest, Jay,' VPOTUS responded. 'If it fails, I’m dead,'" reads the pool.
Biden only took 4 questions from Governors, one of them being Nixon:
"Nixon's question was a bit garbled to your pooler, but he seemed to be asking for time to fact-check data submitted before it’s posted publicly. Since it’s the first reporting period, "a little flexibility there…the chance to make sure we get those accurate would be appreciated."
VPOTUS told him that the ARRA board is independent, staffed with inspectors general, and "I cannot order it to do anything." He told Nixon that reporting requirements are similar to those required of corporations or other entities "you basically have until the 30th [of Sept.] to do what corporations and other[s]…do."

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