Monday, August 10, 2009

Tracking the Stimulus: Weatherization Money

Missouri will receive $128 million dollars over the next three years from the federal economic stimulus package to weatherize nearly 21,000 homes. So far, about $1.6 million has been sent to community agencies tasked with the work. But before groups are able to help cut energy costs, they've had to snap through some red tape.
Our Tracking the Stimulus Series continues . . .
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ALSO: Watch our first report on money dedicated to Lake Stockton HERE.

1 comment:

director said...

Get real Daivd. This money is your money and my money that we paid to the collectors.
If you would get bold and stop cowering down and make a real report on the Fairtax and how it would help these people that can't buy insulation and some caulk.
We might be famous. You call me and we will make a real video presintation on why this money is going to wast and how we can realy make a differance.
Or do you realy want to make a differance. Just report on stuff. Fluff it. Take home a lot less then you should and then pay more at the Aprial 15 collection day..