Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Springfield Wins $1.4 Million in Stimulus Money

President Obama's administration announced Tuesday that the city of Springfield will receive $1.4 million dollars of economic stimulus money to build a new maintenance facility.

"Rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure is a key part of that prescription for strength. It creates jobs today and builds a better, more sustainable economy moving forward," said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.
The White House release said the city would use the funds for "the design and construction of a maintenance facility."
According to the White House, since it was signed into law, the stimulus has provided $6.7 billion dollars for transit improvements throughout the nation. A total of $48 billion dollars has been designated for transportation projects and about $26.5 billion has been obligated, according to the White House.

"These funds are creating jobs now while investing in the future of our transit systems," said Administrator Peter Rogoff of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). "The public's demand for transit service continues to grow, and these dollars will help meet that need."

For more on the stimulus money Springfield is receiving, click HERE.

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Tim said...

And Springfield said, "Um, thanks. We have a Federal Transit Authority?"