Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Nation: "Bond Determined To Finish Career With Partisan Flourish"

The liberal Nation magazine targets Sen. Kit Bond for opposing an investigation by the Attorney General into interrogation practices under the Bush administration.
"Bond, in particular, has made it his mission to thwart anything akin to a real investigation," writes The Nation's John Nichols.
"Taking the lead in the campaign to block an investigation of officials who initiated, authorized and encouraged the use of torture, Bond has shown no qualms about using his position as the ranking Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee to protect partisan allies and prevent checking and balancing of executive excess. He has little to lose; after an undistinguished Senate tenure, the man who was once boomed as a Republican presidential or vice presidential prospect is a lame duck senator who will leave the Capitol after the next election. But Bond is determined to finish his career with a partisan flourish. And he is in a position to do so," Nichols goes on.
"As a senior Republican senator with close ties to key players within the intelligence establishment -- both at the CIA and among independent contractors associated with the agency, Bond was the key signer of a last-minute missive urging Attorney General Eric Holder to drop plans to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the use of torture during the Bush-Cheney years," he writes.
Read the entire article HERE.
Meanwhile, in Kansas City Tuesday, KMBC reports that Sen. Claire McCaskill thinks the investigation should go forward. "I think it is very important that the people who made the decisions are the ones who are held accountable. Not the people who carry out the decisions, but the ones who made the decisions," she said.

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