Monday, July 13, 2009

Twitter Me This

Congressman Roy Blunt says he'll announce his second quarter fundraising total this week on TWITTER.
Blunt's team has already signaled that the U.S. Senate candidate has brought in more than $1 million dollars between April and June. But the exact number will be Tweeted soon.

"I want to encourage everyone who is interested in the campaign to follow us on Twitter which is a great way to stay in contact. Missourians can follow our campaign on Twitter, Facebook, and in many other ways. We want our campaign to be open and accessible so Missourians can get the information they want about my record and positions on issues directly from me and the campaign," Blunt said.

You can follow Roy Blunt on TWITTER HERE.

Likely Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Robin Carnahan hasn't yet fully embraced Twitter.

She has a Twitter account, but no updates have been registered.

Her campaign manager, Mindy Mazur, has only typed 3 tweets to date.
UPDATE 9:52 PM: From Blunt spokesman Rich Chrismer:
"Robin Carnahan will not state her positions in 140 characters or more so why would we expect her to state her positions in 140 characters or less."

*Second quarter fundraising reports are due to be filed Wednesday*

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