Thursday, July 02, 2009

Nixon Vetoes Helmet Repeal

Gov. Jay Nixon today vetoed legislation that would have repealed Missouri’s helmet law for motorcycle riders.
In a statement, the Governor cited two primary concerns: the significantly increased health care costs that could have resulted from the repeal, and the safety of Missouri’s motorcycle riders.

“In terms of lives and of dollars, the cost of repealing Missouri’s helmet law simply would have been too high,” Gov. Nixon said. “By keeping Missouri’s helmet law intact, we will save numerous lives, while also saving Missouri taxpayers millions of dollars in increased health care costs. Keeping our helmet law in place was the safe and cost-effective choice for Missouri.”
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Other reaction:
"St. John's is elated the Governor vetoed the repeal of the helmet law. As the region's Level I trauma center we know this will save lives and save costs," said spokeswoman Cora Scott of St. John's Hospital.
"I will be working against him in any election he will ever run in and will closely watch everything he does and says from now on," said Dean Gunter of Freedom of Road Riders who claims the Governor personally promised him he would sign the repeal if it was sent to him "clean."

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