Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dixon: E.Coli Report Investigation Could Lead to Firings

Springfield State Rep. Bob Dixon suggests that an investigation into why a report revealing high levels of E.coli was withheld from the public could lead to firings at the Department of Natural Resources.

Earlier this week, a Senate committee said it would investigate why the Lake of the Ozarks E.coli report was held back. DNR initially said The Kansas City Star that the report was withheld because of tourism concerns.

"A person who would do something like that in the private sector would lose their job, or if a business did it, what would happen? People would no longer patronize that business," Dixon told The Notebook. "I think we need, you got to have accountability."


ALSO: The Missouri Republican Party says that Gov. Jay Nixon should have put DNR director Mark Templeton on administrative, leave pending the results of the Senate investigation.

Dixon is a Republican candidate for the 30th District State Senate seat in 2010.

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