Friday, July 31, 2009

Blunt Targeted in Radio Spot

The left-leaning Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition has begun running a radio ad in Springfield Friday targeting Congressman Roy Blunt on healthcare.
The 60-second spot can be heard HERE.
"Congressman Roy Blunt has taken more than half a million dollars from the insurance industry. No wonder he's against reform," blasts the ad. "It seems that Roy Blunt is against anything that will hurt the insurance companies bottom line," it goes on.
The Blunt campaign called the ad, "hypocritical and false."
"Just recently, Robin Carnahan took over $10,000 from Washington insurance lobbyists, and she supports the radical one to two trillion dollar government takeover of health care that is being pushed by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama," said spokesman Rich Chrismer. "Roy Blunt does not accept a penny from anyone who expects anything for it and he is fighting for health care alternatives that will offer more choices, lower costs and competition for patients, and against the radical plan that Robin Carnahan and her liberal allies are supporting," he added.

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