Friday, June 12, 2009

Nixon Halts Rockaway Beach Police Funding

Gov. Jay Nixon has directed Attorney General Chris Koster to cut off state funding for the Rockaway Beach Police Department.
Rockaway Beach was one of 12 law enforcement entities listed as "non-compliant" in the annual Missouri Vehicle Stop report issued on June 1st. Gov. Nixon has ordered that funding be stopped for all those who did not comply.

Rockaway Beach was the only Ozarks-area department that was non-compliant.

"Missouri has been at the forefront of collecting and reporting data about traffic stops, and these reports have served as the basis for constructive communications between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve," Gov. Nixon said in a statement. "The vast majority of law enforcement agencies in Missouri have complied with the reporting requirements of the law since it took effect. This is a law we take seriously, and the consequences for not complying are clear."
Missouri's racial profiling report began in 2000.

Read the 2008 report HERE.

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