Friday, June 26, 2009

MoGOP Knocks Nixon For Dodge on Office Cuts

A day after the Governor announced $105 million dollars in cuts and another $325 million dollars in withholds, The Missouri Republican Party has hopped on Jay Nixon's dodge of a question about trimming the budget of his own office.
"Are you planning on making reductions in the Governor’s office as well,?" asked Associated Press reporter David Lieb. "I plan on losing 8 or 10 pounds this summer," Nixon responded during a Jefferson City press conference.
The MoGOP has posted the video HERE.
Said MoGOP Executive Director Lloyd Smith:
"Nixon was asked a legitimate question about whether he would make the same sacrifices he is asking of everyone else. It’s an answer that Missourians deserve to know. After all, this is the same governor who increased salaries of some of his staff by as much as 45% . . ."

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