Wednesday, June 17, 2009

McCaskill: WH IG Dismissal Appears to be "Well Founded"

A day after blasting the Obama administration, Sen. Claire McCaskill said additional information provided by the White House about the firing of an Inspector General puts them in compliance with the law.

McCaskill expressed her disappointment Tuesday that that White House did not initially provide specific reasons for Gerald Walpin's removal. She accused the Obama administration of violating a law she helped craft that requires the president to give Congress 30 days advance notice of an IG's dismissal, along with reasons for the termination.

The White House quickly released a letter detailing the reasons for the firing, saying that Walpin was "disoriented and confused" during a meeting.

Responding to a Notebook question, Sen. McCaskill sent us THIS TWEET early Wednesday, noting that the "White House is certainly compliance with the law as to reason of removal."

Later Wednesday, she released this statement:

"Last night, in response to my request for adequate information on the firing of Inspector General for the Corporation for National and Community Service Gerald Walpin, the White House submitted a letter to Senators Lieberman and Collins that now puts the White House in full compliance with the notice requirement in the law. The next step for Congress is to use the 30 days provided by the notice to seek further information and undertake any further review that might be necessary. The reasons given in the most recent White House letter are substantial and the decision to remove Walpin appears well founded," she said.

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Paul Seale said...

Hm.. there seems to be a witness who directly refutes the White House claim.

Funny that in the story this was never mentioned.

This is due to one of two things: either you choose not to include it in the story or you did not research the story objectively enough.

Either way I think its high time your photo to the right of the blog is updated to include some scuba gear.