Monday, June 22, 2009

Emerson Part of Gossipy D.C. Dinner Club

Rep. Jo Ann Emerson is one of about 20 female House members who meet for dinner and gossip once a month at an upscale Capitol restaurant.
POLITICO has the dish.
"You like that pork chop," Emerson said to Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) as they waited to cast votes the other day. "I always get the small filet with blue cheese melted on top and try not to eat the potatoes. And we always order a large plate of French fries," added McCarthy.
"They’ve gotten so used to us now, [the server] hardly ever gives us a menu," says Emerson. "It’s pretty loud. It’s funny."
Writes Lisa Lerer: "The dinner circle serves as a sort of informal support group for the women as they try to balance the often-competing demands of legislating, campaigning, raising children and simply having a life in a company town that almost always revolves around work."
And: when Rep. Ike Skelton's wife died in 2005, the women made an exception to their women-only rule and invited him.

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