Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bond: Obama Transportation Budget Lacks Detail

Sen. Kit Bond is accusing the Obama administration of failing to provide important details in its transportation budget.

"The budget we have before us for the Department lacks a lot of very important details.” Bond told Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, according to a release. "We all know the devil is in the details, but these are big details with major policy implications and we are running out of time to get answers from your Department," Bond said.
Bond said the budget contains "no policy recommendations" for major highway programs, at a time when the Federal Highway Trust Fund is going bankrupt. Bond suggested that it might be appropriate for the president's budget to include a footnote that says: "we don’t know how to pay for highways."

Bond is calling on LaHood to begin quickly discussing temporary solutions to the expected shortfall. He also took aim at Obama for his devotion to high speed rail at a time when highway's are in serious danger.
In his statement, Bond warned: "high speed rail does not offer a quick or simple solution to relieving congestion on our nation’s highways and airways. High speed rail projects are costly, risky, take years to develop and build and require substantial up-front public investment as well as potentially long-term operating subsidies."

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