Sunday, May 03, 2009

One Moore

Greene County Prosecutor Darrell Moore says he'll announce this Thursday whether he'll run for Roy Blunt's Congressional seat in 2010.
Another GOP source tells The Notebook that Moore is likely to make the leap, becoming the fourth official candidate in the race

Greene County Prosecutor Darrell Moore will announce later this week whether he'll run for Roy Blunt's Congressional seat in 2010.

Moore tells The Notebook he is planning on holding a press conference Thursday afternoon to make an official announcement, which is a strong indication in itself that he's settled on a campaign for U.S. House.

"I've been considering it, thinking about it for two and a half months and on Thursday, there will be an announcement of some kind," Moore said, adding that he's "pretty-well decided."

When asked flatly if that means he'll become a candidate, Moore replied, "I'm not going to say."

Moore, who's served as Greene County's prosecutor since 1998, could become a significant force in an already crowded and splintered race for the Republican nomination. His name identification would be strong in the Springfield metropolitan area, and a separate Republican source said that Moore has already taken steps towards putting together a political operation in Joplin.

"Darrell's hungry for a new challenge. He has been for a long time, and this is an opportunity," said one neutral Republican who asked for anonymity.

Moore said if he does run, part of his mission would be to try to redefine the Republican party. He said he could relate with some centrist Republicans who were uncomfortable with some of the messages being sent at the recent Tea Parties across the country.

"We don't need to be trashing or attacking the President with signs calling him a socialist and a communist. We need our own solutions," Moore said. "We can do that, and still be consistent on issues like pro-life," he added.

Moore signaled he would bring a more moderate agenda to the race, that's not necessarily filled with red meat. "If I run it will be about what I stand for as a Republican, and what I believe the Republican Party should be," Moore said.

He acknowledged that other candidates have a head start, but said he's been spending his time identifying issues that he could make progress on as a prosecutor versus things he could help change as a Congressman. "It's a major step," Moore said of the decision. "I never have had any desire to be a Congressman. Washington D.C. is not really a good place to live. The interesting thing is that both offices are up, so you have to choose. The easy thing is to just stay where I'm at," he added, referring to the 2010 election cycle.

But Moore also gently began carving some distance between himself and auctioneer Billy Long, one top candidate who's already announced his candidacy. "I know Billy's saying we need a fresh start, but I'm not sure that's exactly true. I think we need to think outside the box . . . and we need someone that will stand for something when it gets hot. These are things I've done as a prosecutor," Moore said.

Moore said he would not have to give up his job as prosecutor if he runs for Congress.

Long, State Senator Jack Goodman and college professor Jeff Wisdom have already officially announced their candidacies for 7th Congressional District race. Nixa alderman Kevin Elmer is likely to announce soon. Convoy of Hope president Hal Donaldson is also exploring a run, as are several other unannounced candidates like State Sen. Gary Nodler and Jasper County GOP chair John Putnam.


Charles said...

Well, he has done such a great job of fighting small time criminals and letting gang members take over its no wonder he is running.

Since he has been prosecutor we have actually gotten less safe in Greene County.

All that I can say is that I am glad we can get a new prosecutor.

gumshoe said...

No Charles, it's stated he can keep his job as prosecutor?!?!

Moore is a lunkhead. A flat out lunkhead. If he can't take care of Springfield what's to say he can serve the 7th District?

He intends to reach out to "moderates" but as a left-leaning independent... I will campaign on behalf of any other candidate on the lines of integrity alone.

Yet, what his bid for the 7th really does is hurt Billy Long in the Springfield Metro area -- allowing Jack Goodman to do well in more rural Southwest Missouri and take a plurality of the vote.

I wonder if the Republican establishment and their love of "divide and conquer" techniques urged him to run on behalf of Goodman?