Thursday, May 14, 2009

Danforth Brings Schweich to Springfield

Former Sen. Jack Danforth brought potential U.S. Senate candidate Tom Schweich to Springfield Thursday to meet with some high-dollar GOP donors, The Notebook has learned.

Sources say it was part of a daylong tour of multiple cities to feel out potential support for Schweich's 2010 Senate campaign.

According to a brief phone conversation with John Mahaffey, a major Republican donor, Schweich was in town for a luncheon.

But during our conversation, Mahaffey quickly became annoyed with the interviewer and abruptly hung up the phone.

Here's the transcript:

Catanese: Mr. Mahaffey, I heard that Senator Danforth was in town with Mr. Schweich. Can you tell me if that's true?
Mahaffey: They were. We had a little luncheon meeting.
Catanese: So was it about his Senate candidacy?
Mahaffey: I'm not prepared to comment on that.
Catanese: Ok. Well, can I ask if you're supporting someone in the Senate race yet?
Mahaffey: That's not what I said. Don't try to put words in my mouth now, boy.
Catanese: I didn't try to . . . Well . . . Can I . . .?
Mahaffey: That's what I told you. If you're gonna be a son of a bitch about it, I don't want to talk to you.
-Phone Hangs Up-
Mahaffey is a longtime ally of and contributor to Sen. Kit Bond. He was also a "Pioneer" for George W. Bush, raising at least $100,000 for him. He is president of Mahaffey Enterprises Inc.
ALSO: Springfield Republican donor Neal Ethridge of the Tindle Mills Company would not comment on a meeting with Schweich.
"I don't have a comment," Ethridge said when asked about Schweich's visit. "That's my business. I have no comment," he added in a brief, but less volatile conversation.

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