Monday, May 04, 2009

City of Compton

The Springfield City Council has tapped Planning Commissioner Jerry Compton to fill the vacancy left by Ralph Manley.

Compton beat out web designer Jeremy Cady and architect Dan Scott for the position, after all three finalists answered the same four questions from Mayor Jim O'Neal. Manley's departure left the Mayor in the position to appoint the new member with council's confirmation.


Compton's experience in planning and knowledge of the economic tools in city government clearly helped carry his case. Compton, who is expected to be sworn in next week, won the votes of six of the eight council members. Five votes were necessary for Compton's confirmation.

Doug Burlison and Nick Ibarra voted for Cady.

Compton said his first move as a councilman will be to reach out to the wide demographic of people who make up Zone 3. He'll stand for his first election in 2011. Mayor O'Neal encouraged both Cady and Scott to run for the Zone 3 council seat when it comes open.

Compton is the brother-in-law of Greene County GOP activist Ann Compton.

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