Thursday, May 07, 2009

71 GOP House Members Back Blunt For Senate

Most of the Republican members of the State House are endorsing Roy Blunt's campaign for U.S. Senate.
The campaign released a list of 71 names Thursday, including these local legislators: Rep. Eric Burlison, Rep. Mike Cunningham, Rep. Charlie Denison, Rep. Bob Dixon, Rep. Mike Parson, Rep. Darrell Pollock, Speaker Ron Richard, Rep. Don Ruzicka, Rep. David Sater, Rep. Shane Schoeller, Rep. Jim Viebrock, Rep. Maynard Wallace, Rep. Jay Wasson, Rep. Ray Weter, Rep. Dennis Wood.

In a prepared statement Majority Floor Leader Steve Tilley said: "You can tell by the large number of legislators who support Roy that they know him, admire him tremendously, and trust him to do an excellent job for Missouri. We all want a strong candidate at the top of the ticket, to keep the state House on a conservative course. Roy’s many accomplishments include one that is incredibly important to the people I represent, the largest tax cut for families in American history. We need him in the U.S. Senate, and a lot more just like him."
Notables not on the list include: Rep. Brian Yates, Rep. Rob Schaaf, Rep. Jim Guest, Rep. David Day, Rep. Tony Dugger and Rep. Cynthia Davis.

A Steelman fan e-mails The Notebook this four-word response: "Kenny Hulshof Part Deux"
More from the Mailbag: "I hear they have a 71 vote lead."


Kris said...

Not to worry, Steelman fans... If the House Republican's handling of federal stimulus funds is any indication, they'll likely reverse course (maybe more than once).

America First said...

David Day is not on the list due to the fact he is from Steelman's area. He is most likely waiting to see what she is going to do before he endorses anyone.

Justin and Amy said...

Thank goodness a few - a rare few - GOP members had the guts to not go along with the Republican machine.
Roy Blunt has been spending like a drunken sailor in D.C. for years. Until Obama got elected, nobody said anything or protested the Republicans throwing other people's money around.

I certainly won't consider supporting Robin Carnahan and her liberal agenda in the Senate race, so I wish there was a good, true fiscal conservative to get behind. (And no, I'm not a wild "Steelman fan", though I prefer her to Roy Blunt.)

Honestly, I'm disappointed at some of the names on this endorsement list. As long as we keep ignoring the things that some Republicans are getting away with, we will continue to lose to traction at the federal level.

People know we say we're about limited government and guarding tax dollars. But when we send people to Washington who say that and do something different, folks figure they might as well vote for the dog down the street!

Paul Seale said...

Roy Blunt has been spending like a drunken sailor in D.C. for years.Care to back that up? Especially in recent years.

Perhaps what annoys me the most is the demogaugery regarding earmarks and spending in Washington.

Bet you didnt know that Roy Blunt and others in Congress tried to get "clean" spending bills through Congress - but had attachments added to them by Democrats, who passed them.

National Journal rated Roy Blunt at 97% on fiscal issues. Kinda hard to beat.

With that said, when was the last time you picked up the phone and talked to Roy - if you live in his district.

If you havent, I would encourage you to do so. Dont buy the media hype sold here.