Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Your Questions, McCaskill's Answers

Q & A
The Notebook asked for your questions for Sen. Claire McCaskill as she tours the state during the Congressional recess. Below is video of her full answers given during her Springfield stop to your inquiries on gay marriage, A.I.G. bonuses, a student minimum wage and Twitter.

"According to the Iowa Supreme Court I was wrong."

Q: Ron Bradley asked about Iowa's gay marriage ruling, and if the Senator would be comfortable with a similar court decision in this state?

McCaskill said "they couldn't make a similar decision in Missouri because there's a constitutional amendment." When reminded that she said such an amendment wasn't needed in Missouri, she replied, "According to the Iowa Supreme Court I was wrong."

"I would vote for it."

Q: Dustin James asked about the A.I.G. bonuses and if she supported the Congressional move to take them away.

McCaskill said she did, although possibly in a different way than the House voted to do so. "If somebody's doing a really good job and they want to give them a bonus, that's fine, but they need to wait to collect it, after we've been paid back," McCaskill said.

Also notes the President Obama is criticized whether he intervenes in companies or he doesn't.

"I think that's a bad idea."

Q: Brian Rushing asked if Sen. McCaskill would support a special student minimum wage to help protect small family-owned businesses?

McCaskill said she would not. "We need to be giving college kids as much help as possible," she said.

Mentions she's not proud that MIZZOU leads the Big 12 in tuition.

"I think, what would Jim Talent think?"

Q: Greg Holman wanted to know if McCaskill really thinks Twitter will help Democrats win elections?

McCaskill doesn't believe Twitter is a fad and explained how it serves as a great discipline, because it makes her think about Missouri.

She reads each Twitter three times before she clicks.
First, she makes sure what she thinks.
Then, she asks what her grandmother would think.
Finally, she thinks "what would Jim Talent think."

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Brian R said...

I thought that close to 75% of the economy (give or take) was supported by small businesses. If we eliminate those jobs, where will the younger people get a job? What impact will it have on small towns in America? It'll replace the Welcome To... signs with R.I.P. stones-that's what it'll do. This is little more than a plan to get more people to depend on the government and depend on the taxpayers dime. I wouldn't urge ANYONE to go into business for themselves-go on welfare it's easier and there's no responsibility required at all. The government is the biggest enemy a small business has!