Tuesday, April 21, 2009

VIDEO: Nixon Touts Summer Internships for Students

Thousands of Missouri students will be able to take advantage of paid internships this summer, courtesy of the federal government.
Governor Jay Nixon said the state will receive $25 million dollars from the federal stimulus package to help match up students between ages 16 and 24 with high-tech companies that could use the extra help. Springfield's Associated Electric Cooperative is one of the area employer participants. After touring the company Tuesday, the Governor said he hoped the program would help prepare students for "next generation" jobs, as well as begin to pull the state out of its economic rut.
"The program will provide much needed short-term employment in a difficult economy. Young people will be able to earn a little extra money this summer to help their families make ends meet," Nixon added.
So far more than a thousand students have applied for 6,000 slots. More than 200 employers have also expressed interest.
"And for employers out there, we're paying, so we're asking for more and more employers to work with us," Nixon urged.
To register for the program, click HERE.

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