Wednesday, April 01, 2009

VIDEO: Newt Takes Obama Fiscal Policies to Task

In the first clip, Newt Gingrich says President Obama's move to ask the head of General Motors to resign is an unfair but clear signal he's moving to protect the autoworkers union.
"I'm very opposed to the President of the United State randomly deciding who heads corporations," Gingrich said.
He also needled Obama for taking on too much at once and called Congress "a cowardly mob" for the way the body reacted to the recent A.I.G. bailout bonuses.

In the second clip, Gingrich acknowledges that Republican stewardship of the economy has been just as irresponsible, reminding students that "everything Obama's doing, Bush started last year."
But he notes that under his leadership as Speaker (when Bill Clinton was president), growth of government averaged about 2.9% a year. Under President Bush, growth was 6.1%. In Obama's first year, Gingrich estimates, it will be near 36%.
ALSO: Hits Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on the way he's designed his "toxic assets plan" and criticizes Obama for trying to slice the tax break for charitable donations.

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