Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Tax Man Cometh

The revelation that Congressman Roy Blunt erroneously received a tax exemption for his $1.6 million dollar Washington, D.C. home will likely be used against him in his U.S. Senate run next year.

POLITCO writes: "Even if Blunt can chalk this up to a tax mistake, it opens him up to the old Tom Daschle accusation, as Missouri Democrats will certainly use this to paint Blunt as a rich Washington insider who's lost touch with the people back in his home state. Back in 2004, Daschle was portrayed as out of touch for living in a multi-million dollar home in the exclusive Foxhall neighborhood of Washington, and Daschle wasn't able to shake that reputation, losing his Senate seat."

Sunday night, The Kansas City Star broke news that Blunt's tax records show he took advantage of Washington's homestead exemption -- even though he doesn't claim to be a resident of D.C.

Blunt spokesman Rich Chrismer pointed the finger at D.C. officials, for mistakenly allowing the exemption.

Mo. Democrats couldn't wait to show their hand:

"Today’s news report in the Kansas City Star showing that Congressman Blunt is receiving undeserved tax breaks is troubling, to say the least," said Missouri Democratic Party Chair Craig Hosmer. "If he believes that he’s based in Washington, he owes the people of Missouri two explanations: why he permanently moved to Washington, and why he’s getting tax breaks that he doesn’t qualify for. Our elected officials should be above reproach, and no matter who he tries to shift the blame to, he’s ultimately responsible for his own taxes. If he’s going to run for the U.S. Senate, we expect him to come clean on this as soon as possible," added Hosmer.

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