Monday, April 06, 2009

Senate Grants First Round Approval to Nixon's Scholarship Expansion

The Missouri Senate has voted to expand the A+ Scholarship program to allow all high schools to participate at a cost of $ 7 million dollars.
Right now, students must attend an A + school "designated" school to qualify. The measure would provide scholarships for a third and fourth year of college to qualified students who first complete a two-year degree and maintain a B average. But the Associated Press reports that Senators rejected an amendment that would have equalized the size of scholarships from the need-based Access Missouri program to students attending public and private colleges.
"I am very pleased that the Missouri Senate has given initial approval to the Missouri Promise, my plan to create a pathway to a debt-free, four-year degree for middle-class families. And I thank Sen. Mayer for providing bipartisan leadership on this important bill."

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