Monday, April 13, 2009

Nodler: Filibuster Being Abused

Sen. Gary Nodler is worried about legislative progress in the upper chamber and said recent use of the filibuster is being abused by a couple of Senators.
"A number of Senators are moving toward the opinion that we can't allow a single Senator to consistently stop all bills," Nodler said in response to a question at a recent event in Springfield.
Filibusters have blocked a bill that will allow utilities to charge customers more for a future plant and a bill that would change the amount of state tax credits given to businesses.
Nodler also says term limits give some Senators the impression they have "the inherent right to control the entire Senate." Adds the Senate needs to re-examine its rules, but notes that sometimes it's healthy to slow down action.
Tony Messenger wrote more about Sen. Jason Crowell's role in recent filibusters HERE.

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