Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nixon Says Revenue Report Means "More Restraint"

Governor Jay Nixon said the gloomy revenue forecast means that the state will have to show more fiscal restraint heading into 2010.
On Monday, the Governor's budget director said Missouri will be fortunate if revenues don't fall by more than 4 percent this year. Linda Luebbering also said next year's projected 1 percent growth may be too optimistic.
"The economy has certainly not yet rebounded," Gov. Nixon said Tuesday.
Nixon also said he met with key lawmakers earlier this week about how "we've got to be very careful in our expenditures."
On the $2 billion dollars available to Missouri for "budget stabilization": "I want to make sure that we save some of those resources for next fiscal year," Nixon said. "So we don't splurge and spend all that."
ADDS: A Quality Jobs bill is still "clearly doable."
Won't back away from any of his current session initiatives
Hits House for looting his plan for more business incentives

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